Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy is a profound and beautiful experience, and yet so brief in the context of one's lifetime (and the lifetime of the little one coming through). It's a time to slow down, turn thoughts and intentions inward, feather your nest and, most of all, to take care of your body. The happier and healthier you feel during your pregnancy, the happier your baby will feel too.


  • $115 single session, 60 mins
  • $140 single session, 75 mins
  • $165 single session, 90 mins


Where Jenny really impressed me was when I visited her for prenatal massages. Her calm and kind demeanor was a godsend during the last months of pregnancy. I felt the stress melt away not only with her touch, but the way she spoke and breathed and just her overall presence. Even my fetus liked her!!
— Sarah A, San Francisco
My prenatal massage with Bronwen was a blissful experience. I was hoping to relieve some sore muscles but it was well beyond that. I felt more comfortable than I ever thought I would feel while pregnant; I left with a wonderful sense of mental calm and whole-body relaxation
— Emma B, San Francisco