I am fascinated by the power of movement; how each muscle functions and works within its group and how each body can change into something more agile, open, free and comfortable.


 During bodywork sessions, clients typically start out with a specific objective or expectation in mind – “my neck is stiff, my back is sore” – but an intuitive, holistic approach to the practice of bodywork enables me to see the body as a whole and address deeper, contributing issues that might be held in the tissue.

Clients leave the session with a completely different perspective, and a sense of whole-body relief and relaxation.


    I have always been a very active person, playing numerous sports in college, hockey, lacrosse, athletics and running, to name a few.  Since I can remember I’ve had minor knee pains from all the sports I was doing but it really became an issue when I was running a race and I had to pull out. The next day I had bruises on the lateral sides of my knees.  It wasn’t until years later, with no treatment or advice, I found I had Patella Syndrome.  I now take care of myself with regular adjustments, bodywork and constantly increasing my knowledge of the body and what helps with pain and discomfort.  I realized that I could of greatly benefited from advice about techniques, body mechanics and prevention back in my college days. 

    Today, I’m so happy to help educate others about their bodies, provide advice, resolve issues and navigate a better route through their own discomfort and pain.

    • Visionary CranioSacral Work, Milne Institute
    • Massage & Bodywork:- 
      • Swedish, Touch for Chronic Illness, Tui Na, Sports, Clinical Deep Tissue
      • Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, Muscle Energy Techniques
    • Member of AMBP (Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals)
    • Licensed and insured in San Francisco and California